Google Search introduces ‘Web’ filter: A simpler way to find what you need

Web filter on Google Search is designed to remove all extraneous features and only show links to websites
An undated image of a person using Google. — Unsplash
An undated image of a person using Google. — Unsplash 

Google, the tech giant is gearing up with the introduction of AI-powered features. Google Search has come a long way since its inception 25 years ago. From a simple list of "10 Blue Links" to a multifaceted search engine with various features such as shopping results, knowledge panels, featured snippets, and now AI reviews. 

While these additions are intended to provide more comprehensive and convenient search results, some users are settling for a simpler search experience. This is where the new 'web' filter comes in. 

The web filter is designed to remove all extraneous features and only show links to websites like a real Google search. This filter will work like existing images, videos and other search filters, but its sole purpose is to provide a more traditional search experience. 

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By selecting the 'Web' filter, users can bypass AI Overviews, Knowledge Panels, and Featured Snippets, and go straight to website links. Google's decision to introduce this filter is an acknowledgement of user feedback, recognizing that sometimes, users just want a simple list of links to find what they're looking for. 

While the company notes that users find the additional features useful, it's also important to cater to those who prefer a more straightforward search experience. The 'web' filter will be introduced alongside the AI overview features, which are rolling out to all users immediately. 

AI Overviews use creative AI to summarize search results, often providing quick answers to users' questions without the need to leave the search page. While this feature is designed to enhance the search experience, it's not something that can be turned off. However, with the 'Web' filter, users will have the option to opt out of AI reviews and focus on website links instead.