Google Search review profiles launched to make reviews 'helpful to others'

Centralised profile could be a useful method to analyse the authenticity and consistency of reviewers
An undated image of Google logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of Google logo. — Unsplash

Search engine giant Google has unveiled a new social profile feature that allows users to view, handle, and share written reviews across Google’s multiple platforms. The feature was released through an email to people who have provided reviews to Google Search. 

Google states in an email notification that the main motive of the feature is to “make your reviews more helpful to others.” 

Google’s search review profiles are available at, which is an integrated focus for you to see all the reviews provided earlier, involving reviews for TV shows, movies, and other content. 

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Moreover, this new feature offers a more flawless experience for viewing, updating, and deleting past reviews. 

These profiles are presently available to the individual users themselves. Google users after June 24, can look at your profile and written reviews by clicking the name or image on any aired reviews. 

Google is making the review ecosystem within its forums more visible by allowing users to use and explore each other’s review data. Whereas the profile will make your written reviews publicly available, Google has ensured that personal information from individual Google Accounts, like birthdays, won’t be visible. If you don’t want your profile to be public, you will have the option to remove it. 

The centralised profile could be a useful method to analyse the authenticity and consistency of reviewers, conclusively impacting purchasing decisions. 

Creators may be required to opt their review management plans to account for the major effect of individual reviewers.