Google Search rolling out redesigned settings for web version

On desktop, account settings menu looks like a floating panel, providing a comprehensive overview of entire settings menu
The image shows
The image shows 

Google is rolling out an update to its Google Search, introducing a modified design of its settings wherein it has brought all the functions to the account menu, to enjoy a personalised browsing experience. 

Previously, users had to tap on the hamburger to open the new Search settings; however, this update requires users to tap on the account avatar to do so. Not only does this design tweaks mirror Material 3, but also matches the design of settings experience of Android. 

This brings up a full-page settings on the web version. Appearing at the top of the page is “Manage your Google Account” and the account switcher which is already there since the older versions. 

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The latest addition in settings menu is the "More from Google Search" section, whereas the first feature is "Search history" where Google indicates whether it is being saved. Moreover, there is also a shortcut to "Delete last 15 minutes" from the mobile app.

While granting access to their "Saved" collections and "Followed" searches, "Interests" from the settings options directs users to a page where they can view all the Discover articles they have liked, which is followed by SafeSearch (with the cool shield icon that depicts a handshake), Language, More settings, and Help. 

The second last option leads to a Material You Google Search settings page organised into "Privacy & Safety" and "Other settings" sections. This page allows you to manage Dark theme, Autoplay video previews, Show Discover on home page, and Autocomplete with trending searches on mobile. 

On desktop, the account settings menu looks like a floating panel, providing a comprehensive overview of all the settings. This redesign simplifies the original set of Google Search settings.