Google Sheets offers 'conditional notifications' to help users keep track

Users can now receive email notifications to stay informed about any changes made to their files.
An undated image of the Google Sheets logo. — Adobe Stock
An undated image of the Google Sheets logo. — Adobe Stock

Google Sheets will now let users set up notifications to alert them of any change made to any of their files to which they have editing access.

Users now can establish specific rules for monitoring information they wish to keep an eye on, such as file names or specific cells. As a result, whenever a change is made to any of these aspects, they'll receive an email alert.

This update brings Google Sheets up to par with Excel, which has been offering comparable features for years. With conditional notifications, sheets now includes a feature associated with project management tools like Airtable.

It appears to be simpler in comparison to Excel, which would need VBA coding and power automation to enable similar notifications.

The notification email from Google will let users know who made the change. The reach of the notifications can also be extended to others when setting up their rules.

From June 4, access has been gradually rolling out, although it may still take some time for it to become available to all workplace accounts (Business, enterprise, or education — free personal accounts are not included).

Google has announced that its 15-day roll-out will begin reaching users on the default release schedule starting from June 18.