Google to introduce Quick Share straight into Files app

Google is likely to accelerates the file transfer process by this app
A representational image of Google. — Unsplash
A representational image of Google. — Unsplash

Google, the American tech giant, is reportedly preparing to bring significant upgrades and make receiving files in the Files app by Google faster. It is tipped to launch a Quick Share Shortcut to the app's user interface (UI).

An APK teardown’s development came under light after a tipster suggested it would be substantially the best app that forecasts features to be launched on service soon, depending on work-in-progress code.

Additionally, in the recent version, a scanning button is available which entirely alters the document. While it appeared a few months ago in March, its second button is also expected to be joined by enabling flags in the latest version.

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Before the launch of this latest button, users needed to access ‘Quick Setting’ by scrolling down from the top of the screen, then navigating to the ‘Quick Share’ and clicking on the icon. But, this latest button accelerates the process, as it works as a shortcut for ‘Quick Share’.

But, you must remember that whenever you click on ‘Receive, ’ your device will be “temporarily visible to everyone nearby.”