Google to launch ‘App Mall’ for Chromebooks: A marktetplace to discover new apps and games

It is expected that ChromeOS’s new App Mall will include at least Android and web apps and games
An undated image showing a girl besides a Chromebook. — Pixabay
An undated image showing a girl besides a Chromebook. — Pixabay

A new series of leaks involving the development of Google products has emerged on the internet, pointing towards a new app marketplace for Google Chromebooks called "App Mall". 

Although Chromebooks are already acclaimed for offering users three different kind of apps — or platforms to access them — accessible on the gadget, namely web apps, Google Play Store, and Steam.

Web apps on Chromebooks are found on the built-in Chrome browser, many of which are already installed on Chromebooks as PWAs. Similarly, Google Play Store, the second app category, or a marketplace, opens up the window to a plethora of Android apps, and lastly, the Steam platform is only accessible on top-tier models of Chromebooks.

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Despite all of this, the ultimate downside is that users can't find everything in one place, as an Android app is sometimes found an the web if not on the Play Store. However, this is not the case for every other software programme.

It seems that the reportedly upcoming App Mall will definitely set aside predicament of iPhone users, letting them have everything in one place, and as reported by 9to5Google, the ChromeOS “App Mall” would reside under a flag in chrome://flags.

However, users may not need to change any settings to access the new App Mall. The “app” will function as a shortcut to a website that will be launched soon: Currently, the website is displaying a 404 error.

It is uncertain what kinds of software will be available in ChromeOS’s new App Mall, but it is likely that it will include at least Android and web apps and games. 

Some apps of that type can already be found through the built-in “Explore” app. This new web-based experience, let's say, will provide a more comprehensive way to unlock the potential of Chromebooks.