Google to shut down Stack: PDF Scanner later this year

Google later this year will pull the plug on Stack: PDF Scanner app developed by Area 120
An undated image of Stack: PDF Scanner. — Google Play
An undated image of Stack: PDF Scanner. — Google Play

When it comes to managing and organising documents or receipts, the internet is abundant of apps and tools that offer this facility to brush away the mess of your unarranged documents.

Among such apps, Google's Stack: PDF Scanner stands out to be the tool which lets you exploit it to depths which is available on Play Store with the following name: Stack: PDF Scanner by Google Area 120. Yes, you read that right.

Unfortunately, Google later this year will pull the plug on this consumer-centric app developed by Area 120. 

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Stack: PDF Scanner app to be discontinued soon

With the app's support slated to be dismissed by the last week of September, the internal incubator of Area 120 has ceased to exist even today. On the other hand, Stack is delivering a smoother transition than most of those projects.

Google stated how the functionality — which compensates for the outgoing capabilities of Stack: PDF Scanner — has been integrated into the Google Drive app.

Such diverse features were offered on Android and iOS last year in November with a dedicated "Scan" floating action button, which was an outcome of the custom viewfinder and simplified controls.

The downside is that Google Drive fails to keep up with some of the most common Stack features that oversee organisation. This includes a dedicated homescreen to make small apps or tools aimed at simplifying document organisation, not missing minute details.

Unlike Google Drive, the Stack app extracts and shows the key information, such as “total amount due" in a document containing financial data, and copying information always remains atop the easiest things it does.