Google Wallet levels up: New app notifications signal a more robust platform

Direct notification feature likely to enhance the overall user experience by offering timely and relevant upgrades
An undated image of Google Wallet. —
An undated image of Google Wallet. —

Google Wallet has unveiled direct app notifications to enhance the user’s experience. This change results in notifications associated with purchases, upgrades, offers, and tips beginning from the Google Wallet app rather than through Google Play services.

The upgrade is part of Google’s wide plan to make the Wallet app a more essential and user-friendly tool for handling digital purchases and passes.

Google Wallet notifications

Google Wallet version 23.46.x unveiled four different notification channels.

  1. The users will get notifications once they made a transaction or used a pass.
  2. The notifications will veil payment method issues, flight updates, and other critical alerts.
  3. The channel will deliver promotional offers and rewards from Google and its partners.
  4. The users will get helpful tips on upgrading their use of Google Wallet.

Earlier, notifications for purchases and updates were managed by Google Play services, which caused delays and shattered user experiences. Google targets to offer a flawless and compatible user experience by centralising these notifications within the Wallet app. Including the notifications managed on Wear OS devices.

Features and advantages

Google Wallet has developed to become more than just a digital payment method. Wallet app houses multiple non-payment features that improve its usage. Moreover, users can store boarding passes, get reminders about saved tickets for events, and handle transit cards directly within the app.

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This integration with other Google services like Google Maps assures that appropriate information, like transit card balances, is accessible when required​. The direct notification feature is anticipated to enhance the overall user experience by offering timely and relevant upgrades.

In addition, the users are quickly notified of flight delays or gate changes if they have saved their boarding passes in Google Wallet. This rapid feedback loop is essential for users who depend on real-time updates for travel and daily activities.

The new notification system is unveiled slowly, with the update recently available in the current versions of the Google Wallet app. Whereas, the full launch may take some time to reach all users. The users seeing the update can readily use the app.

Moreover, the upgrade is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to launch and improve the Wallet app’s operations to better the user’s experience.