Google Weather new update displays forecast dates

Google has released a subtle upgrade for its weather experience, users will now be able to view dates on forecasts
An undated image of a weather app icon. — iStock
An undated image of a weather app icon. — iStock

Though not the most exciting, it is worth mentioning that Google Weather has been updated to display dates on weather forecasts. 

Previously, the forecast only featured the names of upcoming days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc, now, there'll be a date beside each day. 

Though there wasn’t any real confusion preceding this update, the addition will surely make forecasting a little easier. 

Since its 2023 redesign, Google Weather hasn’t seen any real upgrades, though some work has been done on Pixel Widgets and ‘At a Glance’, the experience has mostly remained the same. 

The hope is that Google will bring incremental updates to the weather app. Google Weather could benefit from becoming its application instead of being part of the Google app. Features like radar and more widgets would go a long way. 

Best Weather apps around

For those wanting out of the Google experience, there's a fair share of suitable alternatives, here's a list to consider: 

  1. AccuWeather for detailed hourly updates.
  2. The Weather Channel for weather and news.
  3. Carrot Weather for some quirkiness.
  4. WeatherBug: Best for those who prefer the outdoors.