Google's AI assistant now on older Android phones

Gemini for Android likely to get real-time answers similar to ChatGPT
An undated image of Google Gemini. — Google
An undated image of Google Gemini. — Google

Google Gemini, originally known as Bard, has made headlines for a variety of reasons. Whereas, the AI-powered chatbot is now available on most Android smartphones, which was previously restricted to Android 12 or higher versions.

Reports suggest that the most recent version of Google Gemini APK (v1.0.626720042) is compatible with older devices running on Android 10 and 11.

However, Google appears to have discreetly changed Gemini's Play Store listing to reflect the change, the Gemini app's official support page still requires Android 12 or above.

Earlier, users on Android 10 and Android 11 had to use the AI chatbot's online version, but the most recent upgrade indicates that Gemini will now be available to millions of people with old phones. Once installed, Google Gemini will replace the company's current feature-rich Google Assistant, but the AI chatbot will continue to utilise the old digital assistant to perform some queries.

The company added a new feature that allows users to customise sections of the produced replies rather than requesting that the chatbot rewrite the entire text.

In addition, a new source also says that Gemini for Android will soon get real-time answers similar to ChatGPT.

However, Apple appears to be interested in using Google's AI chatbot on iPhones, which might offer an essential boost in the extremely competitive AI business.