Google's weather card to report on air quality

Weather card to now indicates air quality along with other entries
An undated image of a Google Pixel. — Unsplash
An undated image of a Google Pixel. — Unsplash

Google will add an air quality monitor to its weather card in search results.

When users search for the weather, a card appears at the top of their screen, denoting the temperature, precipitation, humidity and wind. 

Now, an air quality monitor is set to be added to the list along with a status and a matching colour, enhancing Google's weather experience.

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Yet, while the addition does a good job of informing the user, it falls short of providing an accurate measurement when tapped. Instead, users must register a separate search for the AQI, along with their location.

This feature appears in Android and iOS but evades Desktop users whose weather cards are of a different orientation.

Google does already have the AQI appear in the “your space” carousel, at the top of the user’s Discover page (in the Google app and towards the left of the home screen), in addition to Google Map’s corner weather card and “at a glance” (a widget for the Google Pixel series).

Android refrains from reflecting the AQI on the Fullscreen weather experience since nothing much has changed besides the big visual and data reboot of last year.