Uncovering the 'magic' of Google Pixel 9 Pro

The new AI features of Google Pixel 9 Pro that could really make it feel like magic
A representational image of the release date for the Google Pixel 9 Pro. — Google/File
A representational image of the release date for the Google Pixel 9 Pro. — Google/File

At its event earlier than usual this year, Google teased the Pixel 9 Pro with references to "magic." This was accompanied by "Don’t miss the magic" on the Google Store homepage and "Get ready for magic at #madebyGoogle" on the company’s social media.

The teaser and event invite suggest a significant AI integration, with Gemini expected to play a key role in this unveiling.

“Made by Google will showcase the synergy of Google AI with our mobile platform. Tune in to see exciting updates across Android, Gemini, and the Pixel device portfolio.”

Google Pixel 9 Pro AI features

Gemini Live:

One of the most anticipated features, Gemini Live promises to revolutionise conversational AI with state-of-the-art speech technology.

This feature mimics human communication and offers 10 voices, likely to excite users and encourage broader adoption. It could also pave the way for Gemini's integration into other smart devices.

Project Astra:

Google's ambitious Project Astra aims to create a real-world assistant, allowing users to point their cameras at objects and ask questions. However, its "later this year" timeline makes it unlikely to debut in the upcoming release.

Ask Photos:

Powered by Gemini, Ask Photos is a fun feature that enriches the Pixel experience by using images and videos to create a personalised knowledge base about the user.

Zoom Enhance:

Addressing camera capabilities, Zoom Enhance, announced last year and absent in the Pixel 8 Pro, is expected to make its debut in the Pixel 9 Pro, enhancing zoom capabilities significantly.

These features indicate Google’s commitment to integrating advanced AI capabilities into its latest Pixel devices, promising exciting advancements in user experience and functionality.