Gray Zone Warfare update and roadmap on the horizon

Gray Zone Warfare unveils various editions involving options to update to a advanced tier of the game
An undated image showing Gray Zone Warfare poster. — Steam
An undated image showing Gray Zone Warfare poster. — Steam

Gray Zone Warfare players can notice a big upgrade soon with developer Madfinger Games hinting this week that Patch 2 is soon to be released. However, a roadmap won't be far from that second big patch with Madfinger Games claiming that a wide appearance of what's coming in the next major upgrades will also be shared soon.

Moreover, Gray Zone Warfare released a pretty impressive milestone this week with over 900,000 units of the base game since it was unveiled in April.

Taking to Steam, the hint about what's to be released in terms of a roadmap and the next big update was shared in a post talking about the 900,000-unit milestone. That number accounts for just the base game.

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Gray Zone Warfare players will think that Madfinger Games has put out various hotfixes for the game since it was released. However, it only got one real upgrade that stamped out a ton of issues and fine-tuned some of the game's hyperrealistic systems. The second big upgrade is what Madfinger Games is coming soon.

Madfinger Games stated: "With one month, one patch, and four hotfixes under our belts, we acknowledge there's still much to do to enhance the GZW experience. We deeply appreciate your patience and continued support as we work to make the game the best it can be. 

"We're diligently optimising the game, and Patch 2 is just around the corner. The user’s feedback has been invaluable, and we are committed to addressing your concerns, nagging bugs, and QOL improvements. Soon, we'll reveal our roadmap for upcoming major content updates. Stay tuned!!"

In addition, the milestone of 900,000 units sold only accounts for the base models of the game. When it was unveiled in early access, Gray Zone Warfare launched with various editions involving options to update to a advanced tier of the game if the users liked what they played.

Madfinger Games claimed that in addition to having already sold 900,000 base units, Gray Zone Warfare players have purchased over 475,000 DLC updates in the same month. Madfinger Games did not provide any official update on when Patch 2 and the roadmap will be available beyond them "coming soon."