GTA 5 leak reveals ghastly ending narratives not part of the game

Latest streak of leaks brings to light alternate, hideous ending narratives for GTA 5
A representational image displays the GTA 5 logo. — Rockstargames
A representational image displays the GTA 5 logo. — Rockstargames

A massive thread of GTA 5 leaks has surfaced on the internet, letting the masses have a look at insights into so much, primarily at the removed alternate ending narrative for the game.

Rockstar Games faced challenges in 2022 and 2023 due to a big leak that exposed a lot about the upcoming GTA 6.

Earlier leaks before the official announcement also took away their chance to shine. Now, there's another leak involving GTA 5's source code, revealing not just GTA 5 details but also several named projects and unreleased DLCs that fans would have enjoyed playing.

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Tipped off from a tipster with the profile name being GTA 6 Trailer Countdown (@GTAVI_Countdown), the latest streak of leaks has brought to light alternate story endings for GTA 5, which are way more hideous.

The tipped-off ending narratives of GTA 5 provide Franklin with three options — kill Trevor, kill Michael, or “Deathwish.”

True to your guesses, Franklin can kill one of the characters in the first two choices, and then he has to handle the consequences. The "Deathwish" option, which Rockstar considers the official ending, has all three characters teaming up to face a dramatic firefight together.

The leaks reveal more intense versions of the game's endings as the basic plot stays similar. For example, if you choose to kill Trevor, the leaked details show him getting frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then Michael shattering his frozen body with a wooden plank. In another option, Michael would have fallen from a tower into a police helicopter's blades.

There's not much information on how the Deathwish ending would have unfolded, but in this version, Lamar would have taken over as a playable character.