GTA 6 — Leakes about the upcoming features

GTA 6 is believed to continue what the GTA 5 started
An undated image of GTA 6 game. — Freepik
An undated image of GTA 6 game. — Freepik

Fans are desperately waiting for any news about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6. However, the speculation about the game's features is rife in the absence of official updates from Rockstar Games.

One recent rumour suggests a major change to the core gameplay —the introduction of cooperative (co-op) play. Traditionally, GTA has been a single-player experience, except for GTA 5's three playable characters.

A GTA fan on Reddit posted: “While the Grand Theft Auto series (Story Mode) has traditionally been a single-player experience, the leaked clips hint at the possibility of cooperative gameplay (Co-op) between the two characters in GTA VI."

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The speculation came from leaked clips of GTA 6, which appear to show two characters, Jason and Lucia. Some fans believe these clips hint at co-op functionality that will allow players to team up and complete missions together. 

However, not everyone is convinced. Some gamers worry that co-op could detract from the single-player experience and prefer Rockstar to focus on a strong story mode.

In other GTA 6 news, a report earlier this month suggested that Dylan Rourke may be voicing the character of Jason, with the game which is about to release in 2025. Rourke's casting has not been officially confirmed, but rumours suggest he might portray Jason, while Manni L. Perez is speculated to play Lucia.

While the rumours surrounding co-op gameplay and actor casting are exciting for some fans, the game hasn’t announced anything officially. Only time will tell what features Rockstar Games has planned for the most popular game, GTA 6.