Here’s how you can find and use Rune Arcs in Elden Ring

A step-by-step guide for players to find and use Rune Arcs
An undated image of Elden Ring poster. —Xbox
An undated image of Elden Ring poster. —Xbox

Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware, is a difficult game in which you will have trouble discovering everything it has to offer. Unless you’re a pro, you’ll likely hit the game over screen endlessly before your journey in the Lands Between comes to an end.

You’ll first need to unlock the Great Runes to start using Rune Arcs, but once that’s taken care of, you’ll notice a massive boost in your powers while playing Elden Ring. Whereas, it might get you in confusion, but the process through which Rune Arcs works is simple and easy. You can find them in variety of locations, which makes it easy to fill your inventory and unlock the abilities of your Great Rune. If you don’t have one equipped (or haven’t unlocked one yet), cracking a Rune Arc increases your HP slightly.

When you crack a Rune Arc in Elden Ring, you're able to see the Great Rune icon glowing next to your HP. Whereas, if it's uncracked, the Great Rune icon appears dull. You’ll lose your ability if you die, which requires you to use another Rune Arc to get it back.

Here’s how to use Rune Arcs in Elden Ring

  • Open up your inventory and find them among your flasks under the tools tab.
  • Select to gain the effect of your Great Rune.
  • For example, we have Morgott's Great Rune equipped, which boosts overall Health Points (HP) to 1,812, about a 25% increase.

Here's how you can find Rune Arcs in Elden Ring

  • Rune Arcs can be found through following ways
  • You can find Rune Arcs through general exploration, where they’ll be marked as blue tinted item pickups.
  • You can find Rune Arcs by playing multiplayer mode.
  • You can find Rune Arc for helping another player defeat a boss in their world or guard against the Host of Fingers.
  • You can also find Rune Arcs for invading other worlds and killing the Host of Fingers.

If you run out of Festering Blood Fingers to grind Rune Arcs in Elden Ring by invading other worlds, you can complete White-Faced Varre’s questline to obtain the reusable Bloody Finger.

Alternatively, heading to Volcano Manor and completing the first invasion quest to get the Recusant Finger. You can use Rune Arcs right before the boss fights, but only after you’ve learned boss moves. Otherwise, Rune Arcs can help you trudge through molten lava, like in the Gelmir Hero’s Grave near Volcano Manor.