Here's how to add Apple TV on an Android: Step by step guide

Streaming experience on is not optimised as it lacks support for offline downloads and picture-in-picture
An undated image displaying Apple TV logo. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying Apple TV logo. — Unsplash

It leaves us with frayed nerves that the Apple TV streaming service from the iPhone maker is not accessible on Android smartphones and tablets. 

With this restriction, those eagerly willing to rejoice the content on the Apple product-specific service are left with one way, a workaround method called Progressive Web App (PWA) which brings Apple TV on your Android's homescreen.

Progressive Web Apps are visible on the home screen and application grid of your Android devices. This provides the same experience as visiting in Chrome, but with the removal of the address bar, tab switcher, and other browser controls at the top of the screen when using the PWA. This ensures a quicker and more focused experience. 

How to access Apple TV on Android via PWA

Follow the steps listed below to get Apple TV on your Android device,

  • Visit in Chrome for Android (or on Chromebooks)
  • Open the three-dot overflow button in the top-right corner
  • Tap “Install app” near the bottom of the menu
  • Click “Install” on the confirmation box

Why there’s no Apple TV app on Android

The Play Store only has an "Apple TV" app available for streaming devices and television sets that are powered by Android/Google TV. There is no app for mobile phones and tablets. Users with mobile Android devices and Chromebooks are instructed to use

The experience on is not as optimised, as it lacks support for offline downloads and picture-in-picture. Moreover, users are unable to access their Apple TV purchases, as only streaming content is available on the website.