Here's how to clean AirPods for better sound quality

After staying in our ears for multiple hours, infectious germs naturally accumulate inside AirPods
A representational image displays AirPods being cleaned. — Canva
A representational image displays AirPods being cleaned. — Canva

It has always been a customary ritual to keep our gadgets dirt-free, scar-free, neat and clean, and almost every other individual follows it.

However, did you ever bother to look after the cleanliness of the devices you’ve been using to listen to music, such as headphones, hands-free, earbuds and, in particular, AirPods?

If not, let’s see how the health of your earbuds or AirPods is linked to that of your ears, and how you can clean them.

Why should you clean AirPods?

To put first things first, cleaning your AirPods is to make sure that the dirt and earwax don’t stick in the crevices of your buds.

After staying inside your ear for multiple hours a day, some deadly filth and germs accumulate in your AirPods. If it stays uncleaned, all that filth can harbour bacteria which can travel into your ear canal, leading to an infection.

That being said, disinfecting your earbuds is crucial and can save you from catching serious diseases.

Moreover, there you will witness a significant improvement in the sound quality of your AirPods after cleaning them.

A pair of AirPods needs to be cleaned at least once every 72 hours, and the same applies to the case of your AirPods or earbuds.

Guide to cleaning earbuds, AirPods

Though there’s no rocket science in the way we clean AirPods, doing it the wrong way can damage them and won't spare them to be of any use again, even if they are waterproof.

Things you need before cleaning AirPods: 

  1. A lint-free cloth
  2. Cotton swabs
  3. Dry and soft-bristled brush (e.g., a clean, soft toothbrush)
  4. Isopropyl alcohol, alcohol wipes, or non-bleach disinfecting wipes.

Method to clean

  • Using that lint-free cloth, rub and clean your AirPods and make sure to thoroughly clean the grip, ear tips, and outside surface.
  • Now wipe the microphone and speaker meshes with a dry cotton swab you took. Take good care when handling them and ensure that no moisture goes inside.
  • Then put to work the toothbrush with soft bristles to carefully remove the wax or dust that’s inside the AirPod mesh.
  • If your AirPods feel greasy because of some sunscreen or lotion that you often apply, use the same disinfectant (Isopropyl alcohol) onto a cloth to remove it.
  • Don’t forget to later dry them with a soft, clean cloth, and don't use them or store them in their case until completely dry.