Here's how to find deleted messages on Instagram

Third party data recovery apps are easily found in abundance on the internet
The image shows the chatbox interfaces of messenger and Instagram.— Meta
The image shows the chatbox interfaces of messenger and Instagram.— Meta

Instagram is one of the few social media platforms that have their active users toll in billions, precisely about 2.35 billion active users at the moment. The number is expected to rapidly reach 2.4 billion by the end of 2023.

Being an Instagram user, you can maybe recall an instance when you had deleted your conversation with someone and then later you were in need of those deleted messages. This is surely the case of every other Instagram user who sometimes deletes chats out of anger or remorse, and then later needs them and gets engrossed in a quest to find a way to somehow recover those deleted messages.

The time to worry is over because GadInsider has brought an end to your quest and mustered a comprehensive guide to recover deleted Instagram messages.

Top 3 ways to recover deleted Instagram messages

1) Recover deleted messages from Instagram data archive

Adhere to the following steps mentioned below:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Click on the Profile avatar and select Your activity.
  • Tap on Download your information.
  • Click on Request Download and enter your password.
  • When you receive the email, select "Download Information" and go to the Messages folder, there you'll see an archive of your chats, including the deleted ones.

2) Third-party data recovery apps

Third-party data recovery apps can easily be found in abundance on the internet, such as U. Fone.

3) Request chat partner

In case the messages you want to recover are the ones sent from the other person and deleted from your end, the easiest way to get back those messages is to request your chat partner to forward those deleted messages to you.