Here’s how to get Plastoid in Lego Fortnite

A step-by-step approach to obtain Plastoid
An undated image of Lego Fortnite. — LEGO
An undated image of Lego Fortnite. — LEGO

The Star Wars update to Lego Fortnite added numerous new features and resources to users environment, allowing them to not only manage the new stuff but also expand their gameplay in general.

Plastoid is one of the new materials available for crafting and constructing. It is critical to understand how to obtain Plastoid along with what you will use it for. Gadinsider has got you covered for all of that. 

Steps to get Plastoid

There are two basic ways to gain Plastoid in Lego Fortnite:

  1. Defeat Stormtroopers.
  2. Damage to Rebel or Empire buildings.

As users explore their planet, they will encounter several groups of Stormtroopers to combat. Alternatively, users can go hunting for the conflict and utilise the Macrobinoculars to locate Empire outposts. Fighting and defeating Stormtroopers is one of the primary methods to get Plastoid.

Troopers typically drop one Plastoid (each group), so users will need to bring many groups of Stormtroopers to construct with.

Another method to gain Plastoid is to demolish certain structures at Rebel or Empire outposts. Whereas, the users may also locate Durasteel and Scrap Durasteel, the buildings that drop Plastoid will provide users with ten each.

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What can you create with Plastoid?

Plastoid is utilised in a wide range of recipes for building buildings, weapons, and other items. In reality, many of these recipes will not be available until the users receive their first Plastoid. As the users develop their Rebel Outpost town, they will acquire new construction recipes, several of which need Plastoid as well.

ItemFull recipeStation

Rebel Workbench

  • 5 Wood

    8 Plastoid

Build Menu Utility Tab

E-11 Blaster

  • 10 Plastoid
  • 3 Scrap Durasteel
  • 1 Cut Ruby
  • 1 Power Cell

Rebel Workbench


  • 4 Plastoid
  • 2 Glass
  • 1 Basic Compass
  • 1 Power Cell

Rebel Workbench

Imperial Outpost

  • 13 Wood (Upfront)
  • 43 Wood
  • 4 Wool Fabric
  • 12 Plastoid

Build Menu Utility Tab

Galactic Lodge

  • 159 Wood (21 Upfront)
  • 26 Plastoid
  • 4 Wool Fabric

Build Menu Utility Tab