Here’s how to get Shiny Mega Alakazam in Pokémon Go

A guide to obtaining Shiny Mega Alakazam
An undated image of Pokémon GO Mega Alakazam. — Pokémon GO
An undated image of Pokémon GO Mega Alakazam. — Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Mega Alakazam raids are a great way to acquire Shiny Alakazam and Shiny Mega Alakazam. Whereas, trainers must win the mega raid consecutively to increase their chances of encountering Shiny.

However, continuously killing the Mega raid monster necessitates considerable grinding. Users who seek a Shiny Mega Alakazam must first acquire a Shiny Alakazam. After winning the Mega Alakazam raid, a Shiny Alakazam may appear near the Pokémon GO raid location.

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This necessitates adequate meta-knowledge and well-planned responses to the Mega raid monster. Moreover, this tutorial will go over the best way to capture Shiny Alakazam and Shiny Mega Alakazam.

Obtain Shiny Alakazam and Shiny Mega Alakazam from Mega raids

Mega Pokémon are one of the most powerful creatures in the game, however, their real horror emerges when they become raid bosses.

Mega Alakazam's maximum Pokémon GO Combat Power (CP) of 5099 climbs significantly when it appears as a Megaraid monster. In addition, the monster has a stat spread of 367 ATK, 207 DEF, and 146 STA, making it a powerful attacker.

Pokémon GO trainers that beat the Mega Alakazam raid may meet a Shiny Alakazam. The Shiny encounter is not guaranteed, however, consistently winning raids may help the user to catch up to Alakazam's Shiny chances. Those who encounter and catch a Shiny Alakazam can eventually get a Shiny Mega Alakazam.

To defeat such a powerful opponent, it is best to link up with others rather than undertake the Mega raid alone. Moreover, to consistently win the Mega raid, proper meta-knowledge and effective countermeasures are required.

The best approach to choosing countermeasures is to consider Mega Alakazam's vulnerabilities and resistance. These raid counters should also have Pokémon GO's Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) potential attacks that target Mega Alakazam's vulnerabilities.

Mega Alakazam's Weaknesses And Resistances 



Bug-type Moves

Fighting-type Moves

Dark-type Moves

Psychic-type Moves

Ghost-type Moves


Best Mega Alakazam Raid Counters

Mega Alakazam Raid Counters

Fast Move

Charged Move

Mega Tyranitar

Bite (Dark-type)

Brutal Swing (Dark-type)

Mega Gengar

Lick (Ghost-type)

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)

Shadow Tyranitar

Bite (Dark-type)

Brutal Swing (Dark-type)

Mega Banette

Shadow Claw (Ghost-type)

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)

Shadow Chandelure

Hex (Ghost-type)

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)

Mega Rayquaza

Dragon Tail (Dragon-type)

Dragon Ascent (Flying-type)

Shadow Gengar

Lick (Ghost-type)

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)

Shadow Mewtwo

Psycho Cut (Psychic-type)

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)

Shadow Cursola

Hex (Ghost-type)

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type)

Mega Houndoom

Snarl (Dark-type)

Foul Play (Dark-type)

How to mega evolve Shiny Alakazam

Pokémon Go players that catch a Shiny Alakazam can mega evolve it into a Shiny Mega Alakazam. In addition, to develop Shiny Alakazam into Shiny Mega Alakazam, 200 Mega Energy is required.

However, the mega evolution requirement is reduced to merely 40 Mega Energy. Winning the raids may provide players with the appropriate quantity of Mega Energy.