Here's how to improve long-range combat in PUBG Mobile

PUBG has multiple maps with various elements, providing players with an interesting experience
An undated image of PUBG: Battlegrounds poster. — PUBG
An undated image of PUBG: Battlegrounds poster. — PUBG

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games worldwide. The game has multiple maps with various elements, providing players with an interesting experience.

Several new players are joining the game, and they must master basic methods to advance in the ranks. One of the skills they must develop in the game is the ability to battle from a distance.

In this article, Gadinsider will teach you how to enhance your long-range fighting skills in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for long-range combat

Select the right weapon

If you wish to engage in long-range battle, you must pick the correct weapon. Instead of a UMP45, Tommy Gun, or shotgun, choose a sniper rifle such as an AWM or a marksman rifle. You may also seek assault rifles, such as the MK14 or AUG A3.

Weapon attachment

Once you've found the proper pistol, check for accessories. To kill players from a distance, you'll need a decent scope.

In addition, you can use a 4x or 6x scope to get a better view of opponents approaching the protected zone from afar. You may easily shoot them by hiding behind a tree. The ideal technique is to hide inside a home or hut with a fire so that the other person cannot readily see you.

However, if you miss a shot, change positions since the adversary may suspect the home you are hiding in.

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High ground is ideal for such a battle

It is not necessary, being on high ground allows you to have a clean view of distant targets and attack them with AWM or other long-range appropriate weapons. You can sit on top of a building or any other elevated area.

Consider terrain before engaging in long-range warfare

One of the most crucial techniques for winning at long range is to make use of natural terrain characteristics. Look for hills and vegetation to hide under when sniping distant foes.

These are the best tactics, methods, and hacks for mastering long-range fighting in PUBG Mobile. Keep in mind that PUBG Mobile is constantly upgrading the maps and other elements of the game, so not all tactics will always work.

That being said, using the above-mentioned techniques, you might try to devise your cunning tactics to improve your long-range killing abilities.