Here's how to install software update in Ray-Ban Meta glasses

Meta releases a software update for Ray-Ban Meta glasses to augment images quality of cameras
An undated image displaying Ray-Ban Meta glasses.
An undated image displaying Ray-Ban Meta glasses.

The internet is flooded with validations regarding the excellence of feature-rich Ray-Ban Meta glasses, but with the exception of how you can modify, personalise, and manage those features.

That is probably led by the ordinary appearance of the glasses, making it seem like a regular ones, but with the addition of built-in cameras, speakers and microphones instilled into it.

Ray-Ban Meta glasses software update released

As these glasses are smart, Meta has released a software update for them, aiming to augment the images quality of the cameras.

Guide to installing Ray-Ban Meta software update

The latest software update is gradually releasing to Ray-Ban Meta owners via Meta View app. The release notes of the “Version 2” software update assure that Meta is introducing image quality improvements. 

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The Facebook's parent company claimed that noise reduction, auto exposure, and color rendering have also been enhanced in the recent update, making photos and videos “look sharper and clearer in lower light.”

Follow the steps listed below to upgrade your smart glasses:

  • Open the Meta View app on your phone
  • Tap the Settings menu
  • Choose the Your Glasses option
  • Tap Updates
  • Make sure your glasses are nearby, paired to your phone, and recharged before installing an update.

The latest update appears to enhance the clarity and range “for driving and on the go captures.” Along with these enhancements, the update now allows users to adjust the volume of all sounds by simply swiping up and down on the glasses’ touchpad.

For those who are not familiar, Ray-Ban Meta glasses are the next generation of Ray-Ban Stories, which were the first smart glasses from Meta in collaboration with Ray-Ban. With these glasses, users can easily take photos and videos of their perspective with just a click. Additionally, the Ray-Ban Meta can be used for live streaming on Instagram or for making phone calls.

Ray-Ban Meta glasses price and availability

In the US, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are priced at $329. There are various models available, and they can also be customised with prescription lenses.