Here's how to pair AirPods with Xbox

With your AirPods now paired, you can enjoy full audio experience of Xbox gaming without disturbing those around you
An undated image of AirPods. — Pexels
An undated image of AirPods. — Pexels

If you're the type of person who loves to indulge in late-night gaming sessions with the volume cranked up, but also care about your housemates and neighbours getting decent sleep, you may want to consider using headphones. And you don't need to invest in bulky, over-the-ear cans - earbuds will do the job just fine.

Use AirPods on Xbox

Fortunately, it's incredibly easy to pair your Xbox console with your AirPods. Let's be honest, playing with the sound turned down can be a go-to strategy for scaredy-cats like me when navigating through horror games. However, music, sound effects, and voice acting are integral to the overall gaming experience and shouldn't be overlooked.

So, let's give you a walk through of the steps needed to connect your AirPods to your Xbox Series S, Series X, or Xbox One.

How to connect AirPods with Xbox

  • Step 1: Turn on your Xbox and go to Settings.
  • Step 2: Select "Devices & connections."
  • Step 3: Select "Remote features" and tick "Enable remote features."
  • Step 4: Connect your AirPods to your phone.
  • Step 5: Open your Xbox app on iPhone or Android.
  • Step 6: Tap the "Remote play" icon in the top right corner of the Xbox app.
  • Step 7: Tap "Remote play on this device."
  • Step 8: Tap "Allow" to let Xbox find and connect to devices on your local network.
  • Step 9: Now just pop your AirPods in and the sound will mirror that of your Xbox!

With your AirPods now paired, you can enjoy the full audio experience of your Xbox games without disturbing those around you. If you want to communicate with other players while using your AirPods, simply tap the two vertical dots in the top-left corner of your phone screen, then the three horizontal dots, and select the "Mute" button. This will enable the microphone and allow you to chat with your fellow gamers.