Here's how VPN slows down the internet speed

VPN slows down the internet connectivity speed as it routes your traffic via its own server
An undated image of VPN indicating speed. — Freepik
An undated image of VPN indicating speed. — Freepik

It's extremely annoying to have a slow internet connection and people are mainly concerned about its speed while using VPN. So, does a VPN slow down your internet connection? Yes, it does, so let's dive into its depth and find out more details about it.

Can VPNs slow down your internet connection?

As mentioned, VPN slows down the internet connectivity speed as it routes your traffic via its own servers and adds an additional physical distance for your internet traffic which is the major reason to cause a higher ping. 

It even keeps your data encrypted ensuring your data privacy which contributes to reducing upload as well as download speeds and low speeds always leads to slow connection and buffering.

However, many providers have now upgraded their servers to 10-20Gbps now to resolve this constantly coming issue.But, a poorly optimised VPN with less Gbps can certainly have an adverse effect on your internet resulting in slow speed.

How VPNs have got faster?

VPN protocols include how a VPN encrypts your data and securely delivers it to its destined place, there’s a lot more to it. In recent years, the most prominent VPN protocol was Open VPN which has replaced multiple older and secure protocols and is substantially safe and reliable. Multiple VPNs provide different speeds using the exact protocol but previously it was true that it used to slow down the connectivity speed.

But, new protocols like WireGuard and proprietary tech like ExpressVPN's Lightway are working remarkably and providing the best internet speed with excellent data-encryption.

Best VPN servers

There are multiple fast VPNs available using super fast Gbps connection, these are as follows:

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Proton VPN
  • Atlas VPN

All of these VPNs deliver excellent speed with a high level of data-encryption features available. None of them provides a lesser speed than 700 Mbps depending on the type of software. However, if you want to know any from all of these then the tech giants have suggested a Proton VPN with 740 Mbps.

Will a free VPN slow down your connection?

Yes, it is true that free free internet slows down the internet connection but Proton VPN’s free version caps the speed and it’s not even quite as brutal as Hotspot shield, you won't experience the speed crossing triple figures. So, if you want a stable internet connection while using VPN then you must use the above mentioned VPNs.