Here's how you can build global startup from scratch

Chili Piper Co-founder Alina Vandenberghe gives five valuable tips on how you can build an international startup from nothing
A representational image. — Canva
A representational image. — Canva

If you plan to launch an international startup from nothing then Chili Piper Co-founder Alina  Vandenberghe has got your back.

Chili Piper — since its inception in 2016 —  has become a widely recognised JavaScript tool for contact forms on websites, catering to prominent companies such as Spotify and Airbnb.

Vandenberghe's entrepreneurial journey is marked by:

  • Prioritising employee needs
  • Embracing remote work
  • Fostering cultural understanding

Vandenberghe has given five valuable tips on how you can build an international startup from the ground up.

Tips to build an international startup

Start lean and prove viability

When starting, keep expenses to a minimum and focus on validating your business concept. Vandenberghe and her husband initially funded Chili Piper by selling personal assets like their house and car.

Demonstrating your product's viability before seeking external funding shows investors that your startup has the potential for growth and sustainability.

Embrace remote work and global talent

Unlock the power of remote work by assembling a diverse team from across the world. Chili Piper boasts a global workforce of over 220 employees from 40 countries, capitalising on diverse perspectives and skills.

Embrace remote work culture, allowing employees to work from desirable locations while ensuring a harmonious team collaboration.

Utilise time zones strategically

Having a distributed team across various time zones can be advantageous. It enables your startup to provide continuous customer support and work progress throughout the day.

Encourage flexible work hours, ensuring some overlap for collaboration and communication.

Prioritise cultural understanding

As your startup expands internationally, invest time in understanding cultural differences. Vandenberghe recommends traveling to every country where you plan to hire, to grasp the unique work habits, communication styles, and business practices.

Embracing cultural nuances fosters a cohesive and productive work environment.

Align your startup with a purposeful mission

Establish a compelling and ambitious mission for your startup. Vandenberghe emphasises the importance of a mission that extends beyond just making profits, aligning it with a positive impact on the world.

A strong purpose will fuel your motivation and attract like-minded individuals who share your passion.

So, with the guidance of Vandenberghe, you can chart a successful path in building an international startup from scratch.