Here’s how you can get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Sacred Flame's heavy attacks mark targets, light attacks detonate them
An undated of Destiny 2: The Final Shape poster. — Polygon
An undated of Destiny 2: The Final Shape poster. — Polygon

Ergo Sum, an Exotic sword in Destiny 2, is included in The Final Shape boost. However, it’s not only the sword you looked on your grave back in the Corridors of Time. It has the power to release Exotic perks from other Exotic tools.

Moreover, it is the base special weapon sword in Destiny 2. Gadinsider will teach you how to get Ego Sum, along with a rundown of the tasks that are required to be completed.

How to get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2

You need to unlock Ergo Sum in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Here are the steps mentioned that you will be required to get Ergo Sum.

  1. Complete The Final Shape campaign
  2. Pick up the “Destined Heroes” quest
  3. Complete “Queens, part 1”
  4. Complete the “Found in the Dark” quest
  5. Complete the“Lost in the Light” quest
  6. Finish “Destined Heroes” by completing “Queens, part 2” to get Ergo Sum

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If you need to avail more Ergo Sum swords, you need to complete the new Pathfinder bounty system on The Pale Heart or farm the matchmade model of the Overhrow tasks.

Gadinsider has compiled the list of Exotic benefits through, a database website for Destiny 2.

  1. Wolfpack Round (Gjallarhorn): Heavy attacks grant cluster missiles to sword-wielders.
  2. Gathering Light (Traveler’s Chosen): Stowing weapon restores ability energy based on final blows.
  3. Sacred Flame (Ticuu’s Divination): Heavy attacks mark targets, and light attacks detonate them.
  4. The Perfect Fifth (Polaris Lance): Every five hits attaches a delayed explosion.
  5. Arc Conductor (Riskrunner): Heavy attacks surge lightning from the user.
  6. Stormbringer (Cloudstrike): Rapid final blows create a lightning storm.
  7. Unplanned Reprieve (Telesto): Heavy attacks emit delayed detonating projectiles.
  8. Insectoid Robot Grenades (The Colony): Final blows deploy homing robot grenades.