Here's what OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wishes 'somebody had told him' before

Though his blog doesn't explicitly mention OpenAI, certain pointers appear pointedly relevant
The image shows OpenAIs CEO Sam Altman. — Reuters
The image shows OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman. — Reuters

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, took to his blog on Thursday, sharing a list of insights he wished he'd known earlier — a cryptic move following his rollercoaster year. After a whirlwind of growth post-ChatGTP launch, Altman faced an unexpected dismissal by OpenAI's board, only to be reinstated within a week, leaving many pondering the motives behind his recent reflections.

In a post shared on X, formerly Twitter, Altman's musings appeared just in time for the holiday season, hinting at contemplation for 2024 endeavours.

Though his blog doesn't explicitly mention OpenAI, certain pointers appear pointedly relevant. "Fight bullshit and bureaucracy every time you see it and get other people to fight it too. Do not let the org chart get in the way of people working productively together," reads one takeaway — a possible allusion to his response to the unforeseen termination.

Altman's ousting stirred conflict between OpenAI's board and the company's investors and staff, all rallying behind him, eventually securing his reinstatement.

The tip on "communicate clearly and concisely" echoes the board's initial accusations of Altman's alleged lack of transparency, suggesting a desire for more clarity in their decision-making process.

His advice to "get back up and keep going" inadvertently mirrors his own resurgence within the company, an anecdote he reflected on in a tweet, emphasising the importance of learning and growth.

As the New Year approaches, Altman's cryptic reflections leave readers to ponder the untold details behind his reinstatement and the lessons he aims to impart for the future.