Here's what to do with your old TV

Be it an old TV or any other old gadget, you can still make some money by reselling it
An undated image displays some old TVs. — Canva
An undated image displays some old TVs. — Canva

Did you just upgrade to a brand new TV, and now you are about to throw away the old one?

If so, then reconsider your decision to get rid of it, because in this article we'll walk you through what you can make of a left-out, old TV.

Be it an old TV or any other old, useless electronic gadget, throwing them away should never be an option because you buy these things in exchange for money. Why waste money when you can still get back some of what you spent on them?

Here's what to make of an old TV

  1. Resell your old TV online
  2. Donate it to charity or public schools
  3. Give your old TV to Best Buy
  4. Get it recycled

Resell your old TV online

If your TV is still working, sell it through online platforms like Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, or any other. You can come across a range of such platforms where both buyers and sellers of used electronic items can get in touch and serve each other.

Donate it to charity or public schools

The second option is to donate your old TV to a charity or a welfare organisation that accommodates needy people.

You just need to Google some of them that are close to your vicinity and see if your TV will be accepted. The ideal option is the one whose volunteers will come to pick it up, so you won't have to put in much effort.

You can also connect with any local library or public school. Such educational institutions are always in need of donations.

Give your TV to Best Buy

Best Buy accepts used electronics items and a variety of gadgets, but the gadgets should be finely working and usable. This option will have you go and take the TV to your closest Best Buy.

Huge TVs would cost you a $25 fee, which is definitely reasonable given that they're taking this huge thing off your hands.

Get it recycled

A number of organisations can help you recycle your electronics, including TVs. You can opt for Environmental Protection Agency's and MRM Recycling, the latter also has a page to help you locate options near your location.

Similarly, some electronic manufacturers have their own programmes or collaborate with companies that recycle for them.