Hexa's startup studio secures funding to propel the launch of additional startups

Hexa is a Paris-based startup studio that aims to launch 10 to 15 startups per year
An undated image illustrating Hexas logo. — Hexa
An undated image illustrating Hexa's logo. — Hexa

Hexa is a Paris-based startup studio that aims to create and launch new ventures in various domains. Hexa has raised some funding from Bpifrance, Kima Ventures and business angels to support its ambitious goal of launching 10 to 15 startups per year.

What is a startup studio?

A startup studio, also known as a venture builder or a company builder, is a model of entrepreneurship that involves creating and launching multiple startups under one umbrella. A startup studio provides the resources, expertise and network needed to ideate, validate, build and grow new ventures.

Some of the benefits of a startup studio model are:

  1. It reduces the risk of failure by testing and iterating on multiple ideas before launching them.
  2. It leverages the economies of scale and scope by sharing the infrastructure, talent and best practices across the portfolio.
  3. It fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration by bringing together diverse and complementary teams.

How does Hexa work?

It was founded in 2021 by Alexandre Dewez and Thomas Sertorio, two serial entrepreneurs who have previously co-founded La Belle Vie, a leading online grocery delivery service in France. Hexa operates as a hybrid between a startup studio and an incubator. It has two main activities:

  1. It creates its own startups from scratch, based on its own ideas or market opportunities. Hexa provides the initial funding, the product development, the go-to-market strategy and the operational support for these startups.
  2. It partners with external entrepreneurs who have a validated idea and a prototype, but need help to scale their business. Hexa invests in these startups and offers them access to its network, its mentors and its services.

The company focuses on B2C and B2B2C startups in various domains, such as e-commerce, fintech, edtech, healthtech and mobility. Some of the startups that Hexa has launched or invested in are:

  1. Moka is a mobile app that helps users save money by rounding up their purchases and investing the difference in a diversified portfolio.
  2. Lila is a platform that connects parents with local babysitters who have been vetted and trained by childcare professionals.
  3. Fifty is a subscription service that delivers a curated box of 50 essential items every month, such as toiletries, cleaning products and snacks.

Hexa’s plans for future?

It has recently raised some funding from Bpifrance, Kima Ventures and business angels, such as Olivier Mathiot (co-founder of PriceMinister and president of The Camp), Thibaud Elziere (co-founder of eFounders) and Nicolas Santi-Weil (CEO of The Kooples). 

The startup producer plans to use this funding to expand its team, to launch more startups and to support its existing portfolio. Hexa’s vision is to become a leading startup studio in Europe and to create a positive impact on society through its ventures. Hexa believes that the startup studio model is a powerful way to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in a fast-changing world.