HomePod 2 now available at discount

HomePod supports high-excursion 4-inch woofer for an enhanced sound-quality
An undated image of HomePod 2nd generation. — Apple
An undated image of HomePod 2nd generation. — Apple

The Apple HomePod is an outstanding speaker now available at a discounted price of $125, which is almost half of its original price of $300 and would be very heavy on your pocket. It is right now available in two colours black and white, but users are usually purchasing the white version so sometimes, it goes out of stock at online stores.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has integrated a few unique features to offer maximum ease to all users. One of the most eminent features is its built-in Siri voice assistant that would assist you to interact with all the Homekit smart home appliances only by using your voice.

Additionally, users can easily pair up a few HomePods to make stereo pairs.

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Moreover, it supports a high-excursion 4-inch woofer for enhanced sound quality which ensures that it makes the best of its surroundings which drives remarkable insights by crisp and sharpened audio with no background voice and discrepancies.

Apple is popular for bringing consecutive updates which are expected to arrive within some time.

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