Honda to offer wireless Apple CarPlay for select Accord models

Honda started offering CarPlay in Accord back in 2016, but wireless connectivity is relatively a new feature
An undated image shows CarPlay logo on a mobile screen. — Unsplash
An undated image shows CarPlay logo on a mobile screen. — Unsplash

Renowned Japanese auto maker Honda is all set to equip its Accords of older model with a retrofit: integration of CarPlay.

Models which the manufacturer is aiming to make CarPlay available are those made between the year 2018 and 2022.   

As per the official announcement, the full-fledged roll out will begin from next month. The process for the Accord owners will require them to visit company's official website by the end of January 2024, and schedule an appointment with a dealer to have the software upgrade installed in the vehicle.

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The CarPlay facility isn't Honda's new foray to embark on as the automaker first integrated CarPlay in the Accord in 2016. What makes this latest one stand out is the wireless connectivity for the infotainment software service.

Although the model concerned is based on outdated hardware while also lacking with a mobile data connection, the installation of the software update doesn't face any hindrance as users can head to the company franchise and have the upgradation performed.

Similarly, the company also extended newer infotainment features, including CarPlay and Android Auto, to older Mazda models with compatible systems back in 2018. 

When will Honda release CarPlay update for latest models? 

The company made no announcements regarding the availability of the update for other Honda or Acura models, nor about the pricing of the service. However, the chance to have a factory-supported wireless Apple CarPlay upgrade is probably worth the expense, considering that DIY head units and upgrades can be quite costly.