How did Shan Foods become a global brand from a single-room producer?

Shan foods ranks to be a substantially prominent spices brand with a presence in around 70 countries
An undated image of Shan Food poster. — Facebook/@ShanFoods
An undated image of Shan Food poster. — Facebook/@ShanFoods

From a home kitchen experiment to a global spice empire, Shan Foods' journey is a culinary dream come true. Founded in 1981, the brand has become a household name for South Asian flavors, spreading its aromatic reach across five continents and captivating taste buds in over 70 countries.

The originating roots of this brand are laid in Pakistan, where Sikander Sultan, the founder and Chairman of Shan Foods Pvt Ltd, had started all the hustle to make Shan Foods a name of taste and trust for which it is known today.

With professionals working to deliver an enticing world of flavours, the global brand is now famed for providing a wide variety of spices that leave their marks to the tastebuds of whoever savours them.

Sultan is a Pakistani entrepreneur and philanthropist who steered the ship of single-room-spices-producer in 1981 and successfully made his way through struggle to become an internationally recognised spices brand.

The Research and Development team if the firm comprises experts and culinary scientists who work with the Board of Directors of the company.

Initially, as per the company’s official website, the spices were only sold within a small circle of Sultan’s family, but later on, in a very short span of time, they started getting orders from acquaintances and general consumers.

As he was obsessively focussed to become a pioneer in the relevant business, he decided to launch his own brand after the company prospered a little.