Here's how to complete Gears and Gambits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

A step by step guide to obtain Cosmo Canyon Protorelic by completing Gears and Gambits mini-game
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Poster. — Square enix
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Poster. — Square enix

Apart from fun and being a newly introduced mini-game in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Gears and Gambits is another way to acquire the Cosmo Canyon Protorelic. 

The mini-game needs players to take down a gigantic opponent in the arena with the help of robots. The challenge has to be completed within limited time period, which makes it harder. Therefore, players must devise a strategy before deciding to attack the enemy. 

Gadinsider has brought a step by step guide for you to find all Cosmo Canyon Protorelic locations and how players can complete Gears and Gambits. 

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Locations to find Cosmo Canyon Protorelic in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Gears and Gambits location 1

  • The first location named Phenomenon Intel 1: Avalanche HQ is by default on the map.
  • Players have to move towards location and participate in mini-game, whereas it’s the first time that players playing in Gears and Gambits. The functionality and steps elaborated by Chadley to complete mini-game are mentioned below:
  • Use the loadout made by Chadley to take down the enemy in the arena for Gears and Gambits.

Gears and Gambits location 2

  • The second location named Phenomenon Intel 2: Left Behind can be outreach by gliding over the Range 24.
  • Players must ensure that they have obtained the Gongaga Region Chochobo; otherwise players won’t be able to play further.
  • The Chochobo is obtained by completing Bonds of Trust side quest.
  • Players don’t need to change their strategy in the first challenge while completing Gears and Gambits 2.

Gears and Gambits location 3

  • The third location named Phenomenon Intel 3: Memories of the Fallen is located near Activation Intel 4, where players have to make changes in their strategy and switch the loadout.
  • Players have to fill at least one lane with three robots after addition of more Gambits and actions, which will help player to speed up the process of taking down enemies.
  • Once the lane is empty, position robots those are strong enough to fight against King Flan.

Gears and Gambits location 4

  • The fourth location named Phenomenon Intel 4: The River of Lights can be acquired by using gliding range 21.
  • Gears and Gambits 4 loadout is different from the other loadouts.
  • Players will require using the advanced action condition, which will increase their attacking strength.
  • The rest of the strategy is the same; player keeps hitting King Flan continuously till clear the challenge.

How to beat Eccentric Swordsman

After defeating King Flan, player will enter into new fight against Eccentric Swordsman in another location. He is weak to fire, so players have the best chance to use it as an advantage to block or evade his attacks. 

When he is astonished, player should release the strongest attack to inflict colossal damage to him. Once he is defeated, player will achieve the Cosmo Canyon Protorelic.