How to add an extra member on Netflix account

Costing $7.99 per month, this is more expensive than Netflix's basic, ad-supported tier
The image shows Netflix logo on a TV screen. — Unsplash
The image shows Netflix logo on a TV screen. — Unsplash

The most popular streaming platform Netflix allows you to accommodate you an extra member on an account (discounting the number of slots you originally get with your account).

What makes this option more expensive than Netflix's basic, ad-supported tier is that an extra member would cost you $7.99 per month.

Whatsoever, if money is not your problem, then follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to add an extra profile on Netflix.

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How to add a profile on Netflix account

  • As the holder of the account, adding an Extra Member involves a two-step process. Initially, you need to acquire an Extra Member slot, which can vary based on your subscription plan—this can be done by navigating to the Netflix website and selecting your personalised profile image located in the upper-right corner. Select "Account" and scroll down to "Buy an Extra Member Slot."
  • The second step is to invite that Extra Member. The process remains unfinished until the member accepts the invitation and establishes their own account. Alternatively, the Extra Member can choose to remove their existing profile from your account.
  • After successfully buying an Extra Member slot, Netflix will guide you through sending an invitation. You'll need to enter the member's name, email address, and another name for identification during the purposes.
  • Now, Netflix will ask if the Extra Member wants to make a new profile or transfer an existing one. If you want to move a current profile, you have to turn on this feature yourself. To do that, go to your Netflix account settings, and click "Turn on Profile Transfers.” The website will then ask if you want to let profiles be moved. Click "Allow" and enjoy.