How to blur your house on Google Maps

Remember that blurring your house is irreversible, Google won't undo it
An undated illustration of Google Maps. — Freepik
An undated illustration of Google Maps. — Freepik

Google Maps Street View has revolutionised online exploration, allowing virtual tours of almost anywhere. However, if you're uncomfortable with your house being on display, Google provides a way to blur it out. But be warned, this is a permanent change.

Before proceeding, remember that blurring your house is irreversible. Google won't undo it, so make sure you're absolutely certain before requesting it. Additionally, only blur your own house — blurring someone else's is inconsiderate and permanent for them too.

Here's how to make your house disappear from Street View:

  • Find your house on Google Maps. Search by address or use the Street View icon to navigate to your street.
  • Once your house is on screen, click the three dots by the address and choose "Report a problem," or click the "Report a problem" button in the Street View window itself. This opens a specific "Report Inappropriate Street View" form for your address. Double-check it's actually your house before continuing.
  • Here's where you define the blur area. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the window size and drag the map to position it precisely over your house.
  • Now, the key part: choose what you want blurred. Select "My home" from the options provided.
  • After skipping the "Report image quality" section, enter your email address (Google needs it for the request) and complete the reCAPTCHA to verify you're human. 
  • There's no set timeframe for Google to process the request, and you might not hear back from them. But if all goes well, your house will eventually be blurred out on Street View.