How to get Frostpine in Lego Fortnite

Frostpine is exclusively located within Frostlands Biomes, resembling pine trees situated on the edges of Frostlands
An undated image shows a screengrab from Lego Fortnite. — Fortnite
An undated image shows a screengrab from Lego Fortnite. — Fortnite

The newly launched Lego Fortnite lets you collect various kinds of wood, such as regular Wood, Knotroot, Flexwood, and frosty. But here’s the real deal: getting them. Each type becomes a challenge to attain, and Frostpine is the toughest with that.

While the Frostlands Biome seems to be relatively more facilitative when it comes to finding Frostpine, getting it isn't as simple as using a regular axe.

Needed at the earliest are upgraded tools to chop down trees in order to get Frostpine, if you're unsure about what to do, here's where you can locate and get this special wood.

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Where to find Frostpine in Lego Fortnite

As I mentioned earlier, Frostpine is exclusively located within the Frostlands Biomes. These trees resemble pine trees and are situated on the edges of the Frostlands, with some having deep roots within the area. Interestingly, even though there's no snow on the leaves, they are still Frostpine trees.

Required tools to cut down Frostpine

Approaching these trees, you'll observe that you can't chop them down with a regular Forest Axe. To cut down Frostpine trees, you'll need to upgrade to the Epic Forest Axe. Creating this upgraded tool requires:

  • Copper Bars: 3
  • Knotroot Rods: 3

Look for the Copper Bars in the Lava Caves within the Dry Valley Biomes. To access the recipe for the Epic Forest Axe, ensure you upgrade your Crafting Bench to the Epic level. This upgrade requires:

  • Copper Bars: 15
  • Obsidian Slabs: 25
  • Brute Scale: 1