How to make custom ringtone for iPhone on Mac

You can generate custom ringtones on Mac by following these steps to make and install ringtones from songs
An undated image of an iPhone. — Canva
An undated image of an iPhone. — Canva

The iPhone offers a variety of built-in ringtones but users can still customise their devices by setting a specific ringtone for specific contacts.

This helps people recognise who is calling without even looking at their mobile screens. For instance, you can set a distinctive tone for your boss, or spouse, so whenever they call, you'll hear the song and immediately know it's them. This article will walk you through all the steps showing you how to make custom ringtone.

Steps to make custom ringtone

1. Generate a ringtone in Apple Music on Mac

  1. Launch the Music app.
  2. Find the optimal song in your music library and play it. The ringtone cannot exceed 30 seconds in length so take note of the starting and ending time for the ringtone.
  3. Right-click on the song and select "Get Info."
  4. In the song details window, click on "Options."
  5. After specifying the start and stop times for the ringtone, click "Ok."
  6. Choose the song, go to the File menu, and select "Convert" > "Create AAC Version." If "Create MP3 version" is the only option, select it instead.
  7. A new copy of the song file will appear. Right-click on it and choose "Show in Finder."
  8. In the Finder window, check the file extension (after the file name). If it's ".m4a," convert it to ".m4r." If it's ".mp3," convert the file to ".m4a" by opening it in QuickTime Player, exporting it as audio only, and then changing the extension to ".m4r."

2. Transfer it to your iPhone

Now that your ringtone file is ready, you can proceed to transfer it onto your iPhone. To transfer the ringtone from your Mac to your iPhone follow the steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.
  2. Open a Finder window (press Command-N).
  3. Look for your iPhone under Locations in the sidebar and select it.
  4. Locate the ringtone file (with the .m4r extension) and drag it onto the Finder window displaying your iPhone.
  5. A green "+" icon will appear, indicating that you're adding the file to your iPhone. Drop the file to install it.
  6. That's it! To find and select the ringtone on your iPhone, open the Settings interface, go to "Sound & Haptics," and tap "Ringtone." Your custom ringtone will appear at the top of the list alongside any other custom ringtones you have.