How to remotely control iPhone from PC, Mac

Remotely controlling your iPhone enables you to access and manage its data and functions from your computer or Mac
A representational image shows a woman using his mobile besides a laptop. — Unsplash
A representational image shows a woman using his mobile besides a laptop. — Unsplash

In today's digitally connected world, being able to control your iPhone or Android from a distance has become really useful.

Whether you're managing tasks, getting to your files, or using applications, having the ability to control your iPhone from a Windows PC can make things much easier and more productive. This enables you to access and manage your iPhone from your computer or Mac.

A lot of people want to do this but don't know how because neither their PC nor iPhone comes with built-in features for remote control, meaning that you need to get third-party apps and tools to make it happen.

In this article, Gad Insider will provide you with the easiest and most effective method to let you control your iPhone from a PC and Mac.

Let’s jump to the guide without further delay.

Easiest method to control an iPhone remotely

  • Install TeamViewer on your iPhone and computer. Install the TeamViewer Quick Support app on your iPhone from the App Store. To install on your PC or Mac, go to, then click Free Download at the top-right. Select your operating system (PC/Mac) and click the Download button.
  • Create a new TeamViewer account.
  • Open TeamViewer Quick Support on your iPhone.
  • On your computer, click the icon with two arrows in TeamViewer.
  • Next to the "Your Sessions," click Join a Session. 
  • Now click Connect to a TeamViewer ID. A box will pop up wherein you can type the code.
  • Type the ID from your iPhone's screen and click Connect.
  • Tap Allow on your iPhone's screen. A Screen broadcast window will expand.
  • Tap start broadcast.
  • Now your iPhone's screen will be broadcast to the TeamViewer on your computer.