How to spot and remove duplicate photos/videos in Apple and Google Photos

Duplicate photos and videos can be very inconvenient as they make unnecessary copies
A representational image. — Google
A representational image. — Google

Having to deal with duplicate photos and videos can be very inconvenient, as they consume a big amount of unnecessary space and generate mess when it comes to looking for specific files.

Fortunately enough, there are multiple options available starting from Apple Photos to Google Photos to Dropbox, that enable you to identify and remove duplicate files, assuring there is only one copy of each picture and clip.

Ways to spot duplicate photos/videos

1. Optimise and organise Google Photos space

Google Photos avoids uploading duplicates. If one signals it towards a folder of files to upload, all these photos and videos are already in your library, it will start the process but does not make unnecessary copies. This helps you to clean your cloud storage. However, when it comes to the computer or phones it suggests that if you store photos and videos in original quality in Google Photos, there is a choice to remove the locally stored original files, ensuring that everything remains solely in the cloud without duplication.

2. Space-saving strategies for Apple Photos users

If one is using Apple Photos to organise the photos and videos, there is a built-in duplicate finder that can be used.

On a Mac, launch the Photos app, then detect the Duplicates entry in the navigation bar on the left and it will show identical copies of photos and videos. Then, click Merge x items to retain only one copy. On an iPhone or iPad, head to the Photos app, then tap Albums and slide down to find the Duplicates entry. Select it to view the pictures and videos in the library that have exact copies. Tap the Merge button next to any of the entries in the list, and the duplicates will be deleted.

However, it is important to keep in mind that duplicate photos and videos are not removed immediately. They are still available in the Recently Deleted album for 30 days, within this time they can be restored.

3. Effective strategies for Dropbox Photo cleanup

Dropbox deals with various file types, not just photos or videos, and it also contains its own duplicate finder to help identify multiple copies of identical images or video clips in the Dropbox folder.

For using this feature, one needs to go through Dropbox on the web, navigate to the folder where all photos and videos are stored, then click Organise and choose to Find Duplicates Eventually, after a brief search, the duplicates will be presented. On the right, there is the total number of copies for each file. Click on the drop-down menu to view each individual copy and then select and delete the duplicates.