How to use Vision Pro as your Mac's external display

Apple Silicon powered Macbooks and Mac desktops support Vision Pro in external display mode
An undated image displaying a Macbook. — Pixabay
An undated image displaying a Macbook. — Pixabay

Since its release earlier this week, Apple Vision Pro has taken the world by storm for the countless remarkable features embedded inside of it. 

However, the enthusiasts have been juggling around to figure out a hassle-free mechanism to make the mixed reality headset serve an an external display of their Macbooks.

Sidestep your worries if you're one of them, as Gad Insider in this blog will talk in great as to how this feature works and how you can enable it on your Apple Vision Pro.

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Here's how to use Vision Pro as an external display for your Mac

There are three ways to connect your Apple Vision Pro to your Mac in external display mode.

When you have your Vision Pro on, simply look at your MacBook and a "Connect" button will appear above the screen. Tap on it. and you will be able to view your Mac's display through your Vision Pro.

Use Control Center on Vision Pro

  • While wearing Vision Pro, look up and tap your fingers together to bring up Control Center.

  • Tap the Control Center icon, which is the third icon from the left.
  • Look at the “Mac Virtual Display” icon and tap your fingers together.
  • Choose your Mac from the list of options.

Use Control Center on your Mac

  • While wearing your Vision Pro, navigate to Control Center on your Mac.
  • Click on the “Screen Mirroring” option.
  • Choose “Apple Vision Pro” in the list of available screen mirroring options.

Macbooks that support Vision Pro in external display mode

When connected to Vision Pro in external display mode, your Mac's display will go black. This feature works on both Intel and Apple Silicon powered Macs, but Intel Macs are limited to 3K resolution while Apple Silicon Macs can run at 4K resolution. 

Its best part is the ability to place visionOS windows alongside your Mac display and use Universal Control to move your cursor between your Mac's display on Vision Pro and other visionOS apps.