Huawei announces major shift with HarmonyOS Next in Sept 2024

Huawei to release HarmonyOS Next, eliminates android apps support
An undated image of Huawei Mockup PSD. — Freepik
An undated image of Huawei Mockup PSD. — Freepik

Huawei is expected to release HarmonyOS Next in September 2024, a game-changer which will exclusively eliminate Android apps support, highlighting the company’s continued efforts to develop a purely independent software ecosystem.

Huawei stopped its journey with Android after the US ban in 2019 and since then the company’s continued efforts are witnessed in their recently launched phones especially HarmonyOS in 2021, an outstanding operating system which works with Android apps while launching some intriguing features to assist its users.

Key features

HarmonyOS Next wouldn’t support Android as mentioned earlier, but still it will have multiple unique features that will certainly blow up user’s mind.

It possesses a system while uses HAP files which are entirely customised for this model, assuring the apps that are made according to the operating system’s architecture.

Huawei’s goals

Huawei is making seamless efforts and coming up with a wide range of strategies to reinforce a great ecosystem of its software and it has nourished support from approx 4,000 applications which includes huge names such as McDonalds, Alipay, etc. Huawei is aiming to expand this network and is expected to accomplish their goals soon.

It is a tech-savvy move for the industry which will certainly have a great impact on it. Huawei is constantly working over it to ameliorate it by each passing day. The company’s efforts may also inspire the players to follow suit.