Huawei Watch 5 Series smartwatch on cards with new design

Watch 5 series is expected to include Watch 4 Pro Space Edition
An undated image of Huaweis smartwatch. — Freepik
An undated image of Huawei's smartwatch. — Freepik

Huawei is likely to introduce another masterpiece in the near future, the Watch 5 series, Weibo tipster has suggested that this soon-to-be launched wearable would possess an outstanding design with a few significant enhancements followed by the previous watch 4 series.

Reports suggested that the Watch 5 series is expected to include Watch 4 Pro Space Edition along with some exceptional features such as one-minute health analysis, supports eSIM as well as GPS navigator.

Tipsters have further added that the wearable is likely to possess a completely new and different look than the previous versions; however, no extra information was provided related to its shape, size, colour, etc. 

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All the smartwatch lovers are desperately waiting for its release because it has been said that the upcoming smartwatch is likely to use the next generation HarmonyOS NEXT, indicating its predecessors which are not based on Android Open Source Project.

Another report has suggested that the smartwatch would be available on a sale soon after its launch, the wearable is likely to be unleashed near to the release of Mate 70 series smartphone and it would be available in Europe by the end of 2024.