Hulu on Disney+ launched: Packing two content catalogues in one streaming service

Hulu on Disney+ makes all of Hulu content available on Disney+ app
An undated image displaying Hulu content catalogue. — Disneypluspress
An undated image displaying Hulu content catalogue. — Disneypluspress

After undergoing inspection and testing on the beta version, “Hulu on Disney+” has officially been launched with a new icon spotted exclusively on Google TV and Android. 

Hulu integrated in Disney+

As the meaning is clearly conveyed with its name, Hulu on Disney+ signifies the offering of entire content catalogue of Hulu for the Bundle subscribers of Disney+ in the United States.

This collaboration between Hulu and Disney Plus also fetches all of Hulu content to the Disney+ app, coupled with recommendations appearing within the normal Disney+ experience.

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Since this cooperation may infuse a bit of confusion, let us clarify that while there has been a merger or something between Hulu and Disney Plus, the former one still exists as an independent streaming service, and available by a separate subscription of itself, and Disney+ after the merger.

The best part of this merger is that users who are willing to bundle up will get access to both streaming services within a single platform.

To make this development remarkable, a new logo and “mnemonic” — the sound that enjoins the logo animation when opening the app — have also been rolled out, which has started spotted on Google TV and Android only as it appeared across Apple platforms last week.

Note that the new logo is currently only being introduced in the Disney+ Hotstar version of the app, which is not available in the United States (where Hulu integration is taking place). The regular app has not been updated yet.