Hulu outage resolved: Service restored after widespread disruption

Some of the countries haven't been able to use the service even after it has been restored
A representational image. — Hulu/Canva
A representational image. — Hulu/Canva

Hulu is a popular streaming service that experienced a significant outage on Monday night following which thousands of the users were unable to access their favourite shows. However, the issue lasted for several hours and prevented all its users from logging in and viewing any content over the platform.

According to reports, over 50,000 users expressed their frustration regarding the outage over social media, and later the official Hulu Support account acknowledged the issue and assured its users that their developers were working to resolve the problem.

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After several hours, Hulu announced that the issue had been resolved and users could access the service simply by rebooting their devices. However, some of the countries haven't been able to use the service even after it was restored.

 While the cause of the outage still remains unknown, Hulu's support team thanked users for their patience and encouraged them to reach out if they continued to experience any issues regarding the service.

Moreover, all those users who were affected by the outage were unable to access their Hulu accounts as it kept loading due to which users were unable to watch popular shows like "The Bear" season three, which is exclusive to the platform. However, with the service now restored, users can once again enjoy their favourite content.