Humane warns AI Pin owners to stop using charging case

Humane investigated that battery supplier was no longer meeting their quality standards
An undated image of Humane AI Pin. — Humane
An undated image of Humane AI Pin. — Humane 

Humane, the company behind the artificial intelligence (AI) Pin, has issued a warning to its users to immediately stop using the charging case that comes with their devices. The reason behind the warning was a potential fire safety hazard due to a problem with battery cells supplied by a third-party vendor.

However, this precautionary measure was taken after the company received a single report of a charging issue with a third-party USB-C cable and power source.

Upon investigation, Humane discovered that the battery supplier was no longer meeting their quality standards, and some of the battery cells may pose a fire safety hazard. As a result, the company has "disqualified" the vendor and is working to find a new supplier. Humane has also offered two months of its subscription service for free to affected users as a gesture of goodwill.

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Furthermore, it's important to note that the issue only affects the charging case and not the AI Pin itself, the magnetic battery booster, or the charging pad. These products are safe to use and are not affected by this problem. Humane prioritises customer safety and is taking steps to ensure its products meet the highest standards.

In an email sent to customers, Humane explained the situation and apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused. The company appreciates the understanding of its customers and is committed to their safety and satisfaction. Humane will share additional information once the investigation is complete.