Humane's AI pin takes centre stage in wearable tech

Despite performing many smartphone functions, AI pin bears no resemblance to its rectangular counterparts
The image shows a person wearing an AI pin by Humane on their shirt.— Humane
The image shows a person wearing an AI pin by Humane on their shirt.— Humane

Guess what just dropped on the scene? Humane has unleashed an AI Pin, and no, it's not your grandma's brooch. We're talking about a little gadget that's here to shake up the way we do tech. Imagine a world where your chat with the future is as easy as a chat with your BFF. Humane's AI Pin is like that cool friend who shows up at the party with something totally unexpected. 

But here's the kicker: What the heck are we supposed to do with it? Stick around as we unravel the mystery behind this $699 conversation starter and see if it's the real deal or just another tech tease. It's time to dive into the world of Humane, where tech meets talk and wearables get a whole lot easier. 

In the grand unveiling, Humane positions the AI Pin as a departure from the familiar world of smartphones. Despite performing a myriad of smartphone functions, this gadget bears no resemblance to its rectangular counterparts. It's a bold move, challenging the conventional norms of device design.

The AI Pin's arsenal includes a Snapdragon processor (the specific model remains shrouded in mystery), voice control, a camera, gestures, and a built-in projector. At 34 grams for the Pin itself and an additional 20 grams for the "battery booster," Humane seems to have prioritized a lightweight design, making it convenient for daily wear.

What sets the AI Pin apart is its reliance on AI models through software called AI Mic, with nods to giants like Microsoft and OpenAI. The device boasts ChatGPT access as a core feature, indicating a commitment to harnessing the power of cutting-edge language models. Humane's operating system, Cosmos, promises to streamline user interactions by automatically routing queries to the right tools without the need for cumbersome apps.

But does the AI Pin deliver on its promise to simplify our tech experience? Humane envisions a world where users can effortlessly communicate with the Pin, issuing commands or inquiries without the hassle of navigating through interfaces. The company aims to strip away the clutter, leaving users with a seamless and intuitive experience. However, whether this utopian vision translates into real-world functionality remains to be seen.

The laundry list of features includes voice-based messaging, email summarisation, nutritional information retrieval by scanning food, and real-time translation. While impressive, the AI Pin appears to pivot towards being a wearable search engine powered by large language models. Humane acknowledges plans to expand its capabilities, adding navigation and shopping features, while also opening the door for developers to create their own tools.

Humane seems to view the AI Pin as the opening act of a grander spectacle. Drawing parallels to the evolution of smartphones, the company anticipates that improvements in underlying models will propel the AI Pin into mainstream relevance. However, the scepticism lingers: Is this a groundbreaking innovation or yet another tech gimmick struggling for attention in an oversaturated market?

For now, the tech world watches, ready to embrace or dismiss the AI Pin as the next big thing or just another fleeting fancy.