Hybrid AI opens up multiple new possibilities

Galaxy S24 series arrives on the front end bringing the real-life advantages of generative AI technology
An undated image of Artificial Intelligence AI. — Freepik
An undated image of Artificial Intelligence AI. — Freepik

In today’s modern era, everything has now completely evolved and Samsung has recently opened it up with the launch of Galaxy artificial intelligence (AI) features on the Galaxy S24 series, it is the first and newly introduced AI phone.

It is widely believed that these smartphones are working harder so all the users would be able to create more significant moments intuitively.

Transforming mobile experiences with a Hybrid AI approach

Galaxy S24 series has arrived on the front end to bring the real-life advantages of generative AI technology. A hybrid approach was taken to AI integration, as AI has the potential to reshape the entire world with the appropriate application of AI-driven tools, it may help achieve optimal goals and outcomes, improve human productivity, and serve in every field.

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Tech enthusiasts believe that these mobile devices are the main access point for unleashing potential for the users worldwide to depend on their mobile for their daily requirements.

Samsung has committed to permit users to communicate with each other without any communication barrier, while keeping your data protected with end-to-end encryption.

Samsung Research Centres has included different parts of the world such as India, China, etc, and developed the languages supported by Galaxy AI, that are constantly working to bring out new opportunities as possibilities for users around the globe.

Additionally, it is enhancing the power of Galaxy AI behind Samsung’s own calling app by extending Live Translate to third-party message apps that would support voice calls.