In a first: Pakistan launches Wi-Fi 6E in 6 GHz band

Currently, Wi-Fi in Pakistan operates in two bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
A representational image. — Freepik
A representational image. — Freepik

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday announced six gigahertz (GHz) spectrum band for unlicensed operation for RLAN in Pakistan.

"With unlocking of this band, Pakistan has become the 10th country in Asia Pacific to embrace 6GHz for Wi-Fi. Currently, only 60 Countries worldwide have unlocked 6 GHZ (full or partial) for RLAN (Wi-Fi) services," the statement released by the telecommunication regulator stated.

Speaking on the occasion, PTA Chairman Major General (R) Hafeez Ur Rehman said that this development has positioned Pakistan as a regional frontrunner in embracing next-generation RLAN (Wi-Fi) technology, joining a select group of forward-thinking nations in Asia to unlock the transformative potential of Wi-Fi 6E. I

It should be noted that currently, Wi-Fi in Pakistan operates in two bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz, with available bandwidths of 100MHz and 150MHz, respectively.

However, these Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM) bands are accommodating multiple applications, including everyday technologies like microwave oven, bluetooth, and cordless phones, co-exist with Wi-Fi, resulting in congestion. WI FI 6e will overcome the congestion and latency issues.

PTA, under the government’s vision of “Digital Pakistan,” aims to ignite a wave of digital innovation to empower businesses and bridge the digital divide by providing more reliable and high-speed internet access, ultimately fostering a more inclusive digital economy in Pakistan.