Indian Drivers app start-up hits 35,000 on-demand rides milestone

Indian Driver app provide drivers with training programmes to improve communication skills, hygiene and road behaviour
An undated image of the person driving a car. — Unsplash
An undated image of the person driving a car. — Unsplash 

Indian Drivers, a Pune-based start-up, has achieved a remarkable milestone of 35,000 on-demand rides, demonstrating how a simple idea can be transformed into a successful business.

Founded by three friends, Prag Palsokar, Krishna Badwane, and Dinesh Rahane, the company has been growing ever since its inception fifteen years ago. The founders did extensive research, interviewing car owners and drivers to understand their needs.

They started small, operating from a cubicle and advertising through local newspapers. Their dedication paid off, and they managed to interview 1,000 drivers in the first year. As of 2015, their driver database has grown to 15,000 and they served 20,000 customers.

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Inspired by the success of Ola and Uber, Indian Drivers launched their app in 2017, expanding their reach across India. The app has been downloaded more than 55,000 times, and the company has expanded its services to corporate clients in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The founders joined various business groups, increasing their income significantly.

Indian Drivers offers administrative services, including payroll and compliance. They also provide drivers with training programs to improve communication skills, hygiene and road behaviour, benefiting around 60 drivers weekly. This ensures a high quality of service, making them the preferred choice for individual consumers and corporate houses.

The start-up Indian Drivers has expanded to several Indian cities, including Mumbai and Bengaluru. Their revenue has doubled and tripled in recent years, demonstrating their dedication and growth